How It Works


All of the transfer offers are entered and provided directly by the drivers. Lanka Houses is a third party, therefore we do not take responsibility for any damages or loss which might happen to you or your property.

Lanka Houses provides a secure prepaid taxi booking platform for drivers and passengers.

After each transfer we kindly ask the passenger to rate the ride and write a short review about it.

Our Taxi booking software is absolutely open to any driver in Sri Lanka, any driver can register and add their vehicles with destination prices in to the system.
Each time you request a trip, we scan through our vast database of offers and give you all we have!

To avoid any cheating, we always request the drivers ID, vehicle ID, insurance number and etc., Smart rating system gives you an idea about the drivers reputation and the amount of rides provided. It's always up to you, prefer better price or better rating, or maybe keep balance between both.

Normally, drivers provide rates for the most demanding route first, if you require a custom route or a destination which is yet not provided - simply click [GET A QUOTE] and we will send your request to our drivers.

As soon as we get a reply, you will get a notification. We strongly advice you to use Telegram Messenger, to get instant updates.

You can contact any driver directly, via or messaging system or Telegram.

When you find an offer you like, simply confirm it and proceed to finalize the booking. There are two options of how you can deal with the driver.

  1. Chat with driver directly and make a booking on your own risk. This is a NOT RECOMMENDED scenario, In this case we can't control the results of your booking. Driver does not take any responsibility for the transfer and therefore is not liable to neither you or Lanka-Houses. It can play out in different ways - the driver may be late; may forget about the pick up; drop you off to a different location; charge you more money and so on. On top of that you will not be entitled to review the driver service.
  2. Choose Secure Booking and deposit the advance via our secure payment gateway. This is a RECOMMENDED scenario, we know the details about the trip (time, pick up/drop off place and additional requirements) we can always send notifications to the driver and be in touch if it's required. After the ride, we will collect your feedback and it will affect the drivers rating. Drivers do tend to be more responsible and pleasant because they know you will rate them by the end of the trip. In case if the driver doesn't show up - there will be no money, we will refund the funds back to you. This will seriously affect the rating in the system for the driver.
Payment methods