Secure Booking

Our service is free for drivers and passengers. You can contact any driver directly and make your own deal but please note that in that case all the risk is 100% on you. Driver might not come on time or not come at all, driver can charge you more or come with another car. On top of that you will not be able to leave a star rating and the review about the transport provider on our site.

We offer to use a Secure Booking via Lanka-Houses platform where passenger pays an advance what is held until the end of the transfer. In this kind of deal, you are protected from problems mentioned above - in case if something goes wrong it will affect the drivers rating. On the other hand it's more comfortable for the driver, you already pay the advance for the ride so you will not change your mind without contacting him. Unfortunately, not only the drivers behave badly but the passengers as well.

Secure Booking can be canceled only in case if both parties agreed. Cancellation fee is 2 USD and must be paid by the cancellation request party.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Webmoney as advance payment. Feel free to contact us in case if you have any questions.

Payment methods